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Voices of Rural India: a new platform for storytellers from Indian villages

How a new digital initiative is giving rural communities that rely on tourism for their income a space to share their stories.

A new project is taking stories from India’s villages to the world

COVID has wrecked tourism-supported communities across the country. Voices of Rural India hopes to reskill those affected and help them tell their stories to the world.

Village stories open virtual chapter

Launched on August 15, VoRI works with rural communities in Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Kerala, Maharashtra, and Gujarat and is expected to expand to other states. 

Travel To The Indian Heartland With Voices Of Rural India, A Platform For Rural Storytellers

It’s often said that the key to learning about a country is to go to its hinterlands, but few manage to venture to these relatively untrodden roads.

Travelling Voices

VoRI carries digital snapshots of people both similar to, and different from, Rautela. The website functions as a novel way to offset the tourism industry’s crisis. 

Voices of Rural India: A new initiative allows rural communities to tell their own stories and monetise them

By monetarily compensating its contributors, Voices of Rural India is creating an alternate revenue stream for those engaged in tourism, who have been deprived of a livelihood because of the lockdown.

A new initiative is helping rural communities to generate alternate livelihoods by turning them into digital storytellers

In a first, Voices of Rural India, a not-for-profit digital initiative, aims to revolutionise storytelling by hosting curated stories told directly by rural storytellers. 

Voices of Rural India: How A Community Initiative Is Paving The Way For Citizen Journalism In India

A publication providing an ‘emic’ view of a particular culture and its people, Voices of Rural India has been able to create a space that is non-commercial and yet deeply engaging in its authentic repository of oral anecdotes and experiences.

How a travel author, a sarpanch, and a social entrepreneur are bringing stories from rural India online

Travel author Shivya Nath; Malika Virdi, a sarpanch in Uttarakhand; and Osama Manzar, a social and angel investor, have come together to start Voices of Rural India – a not-for-profit digital initiative that hosts curated stories by rural storytellers.

Voices of Rural India trains digital storytellers and helps offset lost tourism revenue

When the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown hit the world, the livelihoods of people reliant on the tourism industry suffered. The repercussions were amplified for people living in rural India, where digital communication tools are scarce.